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Completely security and easy access to your investment portfolio 24 hour a day from anywhere in the world!

HBT platform especially of Al Shamil Bank

HBT platform is a high-performance platform that contains a complete set of tools and advanced features that suit investors and active traders.
Tracking spot prices, market deals, advanced technical analysis features, best buy and sell orders, historical data and more.

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Al Shamil Bank audacious Fund

The fund is designed specifically for capital development and to make the market movement work for you. the fund aims is to achieve high returns, with a 90% investment focused on domestic and international equity funds.

  • Capital development
  • High liquidity & Reduce costs
  • Active and efficient diversification
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Global trading services

With an increasing interest in the strategy of expansion and diversification of investments, Al Shamil Bank seeks to provide the easiest way to achieve your investment objectives by diversifying your investments in the world's leading stock exchanges

  • Access the world's most important markets
  • Diversify investments by expanding your business across the world
  • Take advantage of numerous and varied trading opportunities
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Flexibility without disrupting your investments

At Al Shamil Bank, we have developed solutions to help you maintain your investment plans to suit your future needs without having to visit our branches.


Starting funding of


Speedy of issuance of


Compliant with Shariah
Board controls


Discount on profit
margin for unused


Get financing up to
100% of the value of
your collateral


Submit, sign and trade


Possibility to terminate
the contract at any time


Competitive profit